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Offer In Compromise

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Many companies, local tax attorneys and CPA firms state that they have the skill and reputation. In reality, they have little to no experience dealing with the IRS on a daily basis.


Don’t be fooled by phony rating companies that say they review tax resolution firms. To tell the truth, they are marketing companies who are paid tens of thousands of dollars from businesses that hire their services. It is all done in effort to deceive people who are trying to resolve their tax issues. Do not become a victim yourself. After all, how would you know how much you should offer in compromise to the IRS or how to get an offer in compromise approved?”

Don’t Become a Victim!
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When it comes to hiring a firm, it is very important to consider the following IRS offer in compromise tips:

  1. Check their local Better Business Bureau profile:

Many have a low rating or are not even rated at all.

  1. Check their number of complaints:

Some of these companies have 30, 50, even more than 100 complaints from consumers just like you.

  1. Are their reviews legitimate?

We all know that people are much quicker to write something bad than good. Nowadays, it is very easy to hire marketing companies to write positive reviews, so take notice.

At Federal Tax Professionals, we strongly encourage you to do your research on our experience and qualifications. After all, we have successfully handled every IRS problem imaginable. In fact, our professional team has handled an excess of 40,000 IRS cases. Federal Tax Professionals has a 99% success rate in resolving our clients IRS issues to the taxpayer’s satisfaction.

Audits  –  Levies  –  Back Taxes  –  Tax Court  –  Payroll Taxes

Things to consider for the following types of help:

  1. Local Tax Attorneys

Most local tax attorneys say they will represent you in front of the IRS. But if you look at their website, you may notice that they work personal injuries, divorces, DUIs and speeding tickets. Dealing with the IRS is a very serious and complex matter. It is not something you want your local family attorney to handle. You should also double-check any contract, even if the retainer seems low.

  1. CPAs

Although CPAs can file your tax returns for you and do the accounting, understand that their normal duties usually do not include negotiating with the IRS on a daily basis. This is vital.

Do Your Research

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