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Most of the “Tax Firms” DO NOT actually employ Tax Attorneys within their firm. The sad fact is THEY LIE! This is why on their websites they DO NOT list a single licensed individual by name!  Many of these firms are simply marketing companies with high-pressure salespeople.

Federal Tax Professionals has qualified personnel (read more). Our “Dream Team” has Inside Knowledge of the IRS.

Don’t Become a Victim!
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We at Federal Tax Professionals will always be honest. Clients are treated as family. Not all tax firms are ethical; we care!

Top 5 MISLEADING CLAIMS Most Tax Firms guarantee their clients over the phone; But when you read their contract, it is completely different than what they tell clients verbally.

  1. They will have your penalties waived!
  2. Stop IRS Wage Garnishments, Bank Levies etc. actions immediately!
  3. Minimal down payment or small monthly payments and everything will be done for you immediately!
  4. They are rated by the Better Business Bureau!
  5. Have highly experienced professionals working for them!

Click here to learn why these are lies!

Federal Tax Professionals will never verbally tell you anything that is different from what’s in the contract! 

For your convenience we have listed below some companies you may come across in your search for representation which shows their number of BBB complaints.

Tax Relief Testimonials

Ralph and Mary were having health and financial problems and the last straw was when they received a Final Notice of Intent to Levy from the IRS. Ralph just went back to work after being laid off for 6 months and Mary had to stop working to care for their daughter who was suffering with Leukemia. The medical bills were crushing them and now the notice from the IRS came threatening to garnish Ralph’s wages. Fortunately, they called Federal Tax Professionals as soon as they received the Final Notice of Intent to Levy. They decided to hire Federal Tax Professionals. Federal Tax Professionals filed a Collection Due Process (CDP) Appeal which temporarily stopped the IRS from carrying out their threat to Garnish Ralph’s wages. Ralph and Mary provided Federal Tax Professionals with financial documentation that showed that they could not afford to pay the IRS under the national standards affordability test. Federal Tax Professionals organized and re-packaged the information in the format the IRS requires. The IRS agreed with Federal Tax Professionals’ recommendation and declared Ralph and Mary as Currently Not Collectible. We received the following letter from Ralph:

Thank you Federal Tax Professionals for helping me and my family. With all the financial problems I was having I was scared to death when I received a threat from the IRS that they were going to levy my wages. I found out that they could levy up to 70% of my net pay and if that happened there was no way that I could support my family and pay for my daughter’s medical treatments. My wife and I have worked and paid our taxes all of our lives so we didn’t know what to do with me being laid off for 6 months. I learned about Federal Tax Professionals on the internet. I noticed that you had an A rating with the Better Business Bureau. I also learned a lot by reading the information on your web site. Your employees took the time to explain everything to me in a way that I could understand. You stopped the IRS from garnishing my wages and got me into what is called Currently Not Collectable status so I do not have to worry about the IRS right now which is allowing us to get back on our feet. I would not hesitate to recommend Federal Tax Professionals to anyone having a problem with the IRS. –

Ralph G, Little Rock, AR
Federal Tax Professionals lifted my wage garnishment in three days and also removed the levy placed on my wife’s social security. We owed $37,000 and only ended up paying $4,400. Thanks to Jeff for his time spent between both us and the IRS, and all of his hard work to get our garnishment and levy stopped. The IRS resolution representative took the time to carefully explain the process to us and also explained what our rights were. They answered every email and phone call, or got back to us immediately.The level of professionalism and care for what you do made this process stress free. Thank You!
James and Lisa, taxpayers
Federal Tax Professionals told me the truth. When I originally called them for tax relief services, I asked if I could do my taxes myself. They told me that I could. They even gave me detailed instructions on how to do it. This came with one big warning, ‘If you call the IRS, they will hang me out to dry.’ Sheepishly, I called Federal Tax Professionals and paid them. They followed the exact same step by step process they outlined in their contract. I had tax returns ready to sign in a week and got the IRS off my back. I do owe the IRS, but much less than what I originally thought.
Tony, West Virginia
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