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No, not every tax resolution specialist is the same. When you are facing an unwanted situation with the Internal Revenue Service, you wish you knew an experienced individual inside the IRS that could help you solve your problem. With Federal Tax Professionals, that is exactly what you get. Our inside knowledge is unparalleled. After all, our founder spent more than three decades as an executive with the IRS. This inside knowledge allows our tax resolution services company to determine the best possible resolution for each of our clients. In fact, not one of our 40,000 clients have ever been criminally charged. At the same time, 88% of our clients have had their IRS debt reduced in various ways.

Here at Federal Tax Professionals, we understand that encountering IRS tax problems can be sudden, as well as extremely stressful. That is why relying on our IRS tax resolution specialists is crucial in overcoming legal issues and all the negative consequences that accompany them. Federal Tax Professionals specializes in protecting you and your family from the IRS. After we’ve helped clear up your tax issues, you’ll feel like part of our family. If the IRS has recently contacted you, Call us for a FREE consultation. – DO NOT CALL THE IRS FIRST. Let Federal Tax Professionals tell you what your options with the IRS really are.

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Federal Tax Professionals Testimonials

Upon hearing that we had IRS problems, our CPA recommended that we call Federal Tax Professionals right away. Within two days, the levies against our property were released, six years of back taxes were filed, and we felt like we could breathe again. We want to extend a huge thank you to the Federal Tax Professionals family for all your hard work. Now I see why you are known as the tax resolution specialists.

Janet & Terrance | Topeka, KS

When my employer informed me that my wages were being garnished by the IRS, I turned to the internet for solutions. I called countless tax resolution firms. But I felt bullied and pressured into decisions that I had no basis for making. Finally, I found Federal Tax Professionals after consulting the Better Business Bureau. Calling them was a 180 from all the other experiences. Instead of giving me a sales pitch, they thoroughly explained my problem in a way that I could understand. Then told me exactly what needed to be done to fix it. They really knew what they were doing, and they worked hard to defend me against the IRS. With Federal Tax Professionals’ assistance, I was given the time I needed to get back on my feet. Thanks Federal Tax Professionals!

Rich | San Francisco, CA

I am a tax attorney and wouldn’t trust my finances with anyone other than Federal Tax Professionals. In my field, I deal with estates and wills. But I did not have the knowledge to represent myself before the IRS. Fortunately, I had heard about Federal Tax Professionals’ reputation with the IRS from working in the field. Thankfully, the tax resolution services company efficiently solved my tax problems. Don’t risk hiring “the other guys.” Federal Tax Professionals is the real deal.

Karen | New York, NY

Jeff from Federal Tax Professionals had the experience and insight to successfully guide our internal team and client through the Appeals Mediation process. He made it easy to understand the process and make sound recommendations. For instance, Jeff was able to show the number of cases that used an external mediator. Then he was able to walk the client through the pros and cons of an external mediator. Also, he was able to help us choose an Appeals Mediator. As a direct result, we had a successful post-Appeals Mediation and the client was extremely pleased with the tax resolution services cost.

Larry | Houston, TX
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