How to Get an IRS Audit Appeal

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In most instances, the IRS comes to their own conclusions and does not consider the reality of the taxpayer’s issues. These results are an outcome that you are not pleased with. The IRS’s primary concern lies in collecting your money and assets, regardless of the fact that you have a family to take care of or bills that you are unable to pay. All taxpayers dread facing an audit conducted by the IRS.

The average taxpayer does not know that they can actually appeal the final results of an IRS audit. If you do not agree with the outcome of the audit, you can submit a written formal protest within 30 days to negotiate with the IRS and possibly lower the amount of your tax debt. The procedure is not to be done on your own due to the fact that it is far too complicated. You must obtain a tax professional to handle this matter for you.

Most audit appeals are used to the taxpayer’s advantage and 80% of audit appeals are successful to some extent. Submitting the formal protest and filing the appeal not only holds the IRS off your case for a few months, but it may also help minimize the liabilities you have with them. This may be a huge relief off of your shoulders.

All appeals are handled by a different division within the IRS, which is known as the Appeals office, meaning that once you file the appeal, you most likely will not have to deal with the IRS agent who audited you in the first place; you will usually deal with the appeals officer only. This may be a benefit to the taxpayer since the appeals officer is not as familiar with your case as the agent who audited you is. An appeals officer in some cases may be more considerate than your original IRS field agent was.

As stated above, you will require professional assistance in appealing an audit. Since this is a touchy procedure, you must choose who you want to represent you wisely. We have seen instances where a taxpayer hires a CPA to handle their IRS audit issues. The result of this is not highly successful simply because a CPA does not know all the rules and regulations of the IRS. While CPAs are knowledgeable to some extent, they are not tax professionals. They are not as experienced as tax attorneys and Enrolled Agents when it comes to the intimate details of the IRS. You must hire somebody who deals only with resolving taxpayers IRS issues on a daily basis.

Below, you will find links to a case where one of our clients hired a CPA to handle his audit and the IRS agent took full advantage of the situation. Since the CPA did not know the correct guidelines on how to approach the IRS, it made the taxpayer’s situation far more complicated. The client then called for our help. As you can see, we confronted the IRS agent and rectified the situation on behalf of the taxpayer. We’ve entered blanks in order to protect the identity of the client.

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