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At Federal Tax Professionals, we have organized the Emergency Relief Team (ERT) for situations where clients have an immediate deadline or need immediate IRS tax relief from an unreasonable collection action. The ERT is a service that works for you within hours, not days or months, in order to resolve your tax relief issues.

Here are some success stories:

Don from Texas contacted us on October 23rd, at 2pm with a wage garnishment in effect. Our ERT contacted the IRS and confirmed his 2005 and 2006 tax returns were not filed. With a questionnaire sent to Don and his income documents retrieved from the IRS, the ERT was able to file his returns and put him back in compliance with the IRS via fax. Knowing the ins-and-outs of tax law, our ERT was then able to procure a wage garnishment release by October 27th at 10am.

Rick from Maryland contacted us on October 24th at 9am. By 12 noon, the ERT learned his 2004 and 2005 tax returns were not filed. Rick’s income documents were retrieved from the IRS. With our questionnaire, the ERT then filed his taxes. By October 27th, his wage garnishment was also released.

One of the IRS’s most powerful collection tools is their ability to seize or levy your bank account, salary, automobile, boat and even your home. In those situations, our ERT tax professionals jump right in and immediately go to work to get the levy released. At the same time, the ERT works with the IRS to resolve your tax problem through the use of an Offer in Compromise or by negotiating a reasonable monthly payment plan.

The IRS will generally notify you concerning your tax matter by a notice or letter and let you know what specific actions they’re taking to collect the taxes they say you owe. These notices and letters have deadlines, and terrible things could happen if you don’t comply. From our experience, we know that the worst thing you can do is ignore these notices and letters.

In these and other similar situations, the IRS only allows a certain amount of time for you to respond. They may even require an immediate response. When time is of the essence, Federal Tax Professionals will use the ERT to act quickly to meet the IRS deadline. The ERT will immediately contact the IRS to stop collection action and bring you into compliance with the IRS, negotiating an agreeable settlement for you.

When our highly experienced ERT professionals contact the right people for IRS tax relief now, they are put on notice that you are actively trying to get IRS relief now. As a result, the IRS usually stops their aggressive collection tactics and works with the ERT to resolve your tax problem.

Our Emergency Relief Team solved problems for a client out of the US

We recently received a very nice letter from a client in Poland who had direct dealings with our Emergency Relief Team. Janusz came to us because the IRS had said that his company owed employment taxes from several years. However, Janusz claimed he didn’t pay any salaries during those tax periods. He couldn’t understand why the IRS was sending him threatening letters. When Federal Tax Professionals got involved, they were threatening to levy or seize some of the company’s assets.

Janusz wrote, “Thank you very much for helping me. Federal Tax Professionals worked efficiently to stop the IRS’s collection actions in one business day. Then your team worked with me to file the necessary paperwork with the IRS to resolve my tax problem. Instead of getting threatening letters from the IRS telling me that they’re going to take my property, I’m now getting a refund. Thank you for defending me before the IRS. I knew that the IRS was wrong, but I didn’t have the courage to confront them.”

Federal Tax Professionals’ Emergency Relief Team stopped the IRS’s seizure in one day and then provided to the IRS the tax returns they needed to solve the problem. For almost a year before Federal Tax Professionals was asked to help, Janusz was being harassed by the IRS. Within about a month, Federal Tax Professionals was able to solve the problem.

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