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5 Reasons to Choose Us for Help with Back Taxes

1. Federal Tax Professionals takes your IRS returns situation as seriously as you do. You should not take advice from any firm, unless they can prove that they will treat you in an honest and ethical manner. The best way to Evaluate any Tax Resolution Firm is to go on the web and check their reputation.

2. We act fast on any tax problem our clients have  – With our extensive experience and IRS tax lawyers, Federal Tax Professionals’ Emergency Relief Team (ERT) provides immediate help to resolve tax problems in hours and not days or months.

From the moment that you provide us with the necessary information to process your case, it will receive immediate attention. However, if you have an urgent deadline that needs our immediate attention, we will call upon our Emergency Relief Team to immediately work on your case and supply IRS relief.

We can stop any enforcement action within 1 business day. We can often have a wage levy released within 2 to 5 business days. Because the IRS is sometimes slow to respond, it may take several months to resolve your problem. During that time, you will not have to fear any IRS action against you. You will never have to talk to or meet with the IRS. The problem becomes ours the moment you hire us and you can then relax and enjoy life again.

3. Unsurpassed up-to-date IRS experience – Our team of professionals have vast insider knowledge of the IRS.

4. Rapid response to your inquiries – We will always return your phone calls and e-mails within one business day. You will never be left worrying about the status of your case.

5. Fair and friendly pricing – During your FREE and confidential consultation, we will tell you what our fee will be to resolve your tax problem. We can tailor a payment plan to suit your individual needs.

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