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Two years ago, I saw commercials that said the IRS was willing to settle for pennies on the dollar. As a result, I called the 800 number and paid a company $7,500. They promised me that they could reduce the $107,000 I owed the IRS to $2,000. Who could say no to that? Twelve months later, the IRS declined my offer and the company I hired said I was out of luck. The very next month, the IRS sent me a letter threatening to levy my income and seize my property. That’s when I did some careful research and called Federal Tax Professionals. They explained that an Offer in Compromise would not actually work in my case. As a result, they got me into a low monthly payment plan with the IRS and filed for a penalty reduction. That alone saved me over $8,000. Had I done my due diligence from the beginning, I would have saved all the money that I gave to the wrong company.

Rory - Stanford, CT

I called Federal Tax Professionals and was thrilled with the no sales-pressure attitude. Your staff patiently listened to my story and understood exactly what I was going through. They were even familiar with the ins-and-outs of my bakery business. They helped me piece together my itemized expenses, so that I could file the five years of tax returns I owed the IRS. That very night, I finally was able to get 8 hours of sleep. Thank you to all the good people at your office. I will recommend Federal Tax Professionals to all my friends with problems or concerns.

Debra - Vernon, NJ

Six months ago, an IRS Revenue Officer came to my door and told me that I owed the US Government $410,655 in back payroll taxes. Ouch! I was in total shock. She explained that I was personally liable for the money that my old business failed to pay to the withholding tax depository. She gave me ten days to come up with the money and said that she would be back in ten days to take an inventory of my assets. Needless to say, I was freaking out. I went online to do some research and decided to call the Federal Tax Professionals. It was after business hours, but I got to speak with a very knowledgeable tax specialist named Laura. Within the hour, the wheels were already in motion to resolve my issue. It did take a couple of weeks, but I was finally released from the debt. I still feel queasy when I think of that first visit from the IRS. I appreciate all you’ve done for me Federal Tax Professionals.

Donna - Juneau, AK

My wife and I called several companies that specialize in tax resolution. We were looking for one that could get nine federal tax returns completed in days, not weeks. We were under threat of imminent levy proceedings if we couldn’t get them filed. We procrastinated and gave Federal Tax Professionals only 5 days to have them prepared and filed. No worries. Federal Tax Professionals did it all without a hitch. They helped us avoid the pending levy and got us into compliance. My wife and I are so thankful that Federal Tax Professionals got to work and met the deadline.

John - Provo, UT

A neighbor recommended a tax resolution company in California. But when I called them, I felt like I was being pressured by a salesman. My gut feeling told me to end the call and do some research, rather than rely on my neighbor’s recommendation. Searching Google, I found the Better Business Bureau. That’s where I located a firm in Florida that had fabulous reviews, Federal Tax Professionals. As soon as I hired them, Federal Tax Professionals contacted my IRS and arranged for me to pay installments that I could handle. Thank goodness for Federal Tax Professionals.

Raymond - Jacksonville, FL

Please extend my sincere thank you for everything that Federal Tax Professionals has done for my family. As you know, we had a few very bad years with health needs, along with losing our house due to the mortgage crisis. To make matters worse, then we got behind with the IRS. We thought our lives were over and everything we had worked for was lost forever. That’s when I found Federal Tax Professionals online. They provided me competent service and got my family back on track. Now my family has a great weight lifted from our lives.

Tina - Aurora, CO

I am the owner of an LLC that was behind on payroll taxes. My company always files tax returns timely, but I fell behind and owed the IRS about $45,000 in payroll taxes. An IRS officer came by my office and served me with a summons to appear with all kind of financials information. I thought I was going to jail right then and there. I immediately started searching for a company with the personnel and the experience to represent me. Thank goodness I came across Federal Tax Professionals.

The consultant I spoke to at Federal Tax Professionals went into great detail about what exactly had to be done to resolve my case. He wasted no time in contacting the IRS agent to inform them that they are now representing me. After filing my missing payroll returns, Mr. Galante negotiated a payment agreement that my business could actually afford. I couldn’t believe how fast Federal Tax Professionals handled my case from start to finish.

Tim - Boynton Beach, FL

My name is Derek and I am a self-employed 1099 independent contractor who did not file my tax returns for 7 years. The IRS filed returns for me called Substitute for Returns and assessed that I owed them more than $60,000 on the gross income that was reported to the IRS. Of course, the IRS did not know what my business expenses were. Federal Tax Professionals successfully prepared all my returns showing my business expenses and got my tax debt reduced to only $8,000. Needless to say, I love Federal Tax Professionals’ top-notch services.

Derek - San Diego, CA

I was extremely pleased with the experience that I had with Federal Tax Professionals. They were very professional, prompt and knowledgeable in every aspect of my case. I thought my tax debt would never go away and haunt me for the rest of my life. My wife and I could not have asked for better, more personal care from anyone.

Janice - Kansas City, KS

I am writing to express my gratitude towards Federal Tax Professionals for your assistance in helping me with the back taxes I owed the IRS. I was self-employed as a carpenter for several years and had trouble keeping up with filing my taxes every year. Before long, I was getting notices from the IRS saying that I owed a total of $46,000. That didn’t make any sense because I did not make much money. I called Federal Tax Professionals for a free consultation and spoke with John Haines. Mr. Haines took the time to listen to my story and quickly figured out what the problem was. He explained that since I did not file my tax returns, the IRS taxed me on the full 1099 income that was reported by my employers. He said that I still had a legal right to file all my tax returns to claim my business deductions. After all the returns were filed, my IRS debt was reduced to only $6,000. Federal Tax Professionals negotiated a low monthly payment plan and my problem was solved. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend your firm to anyone dealing with the IRS.

Joe - St. Louis, MO

The IRS was really hassling me about my 3 years of unfiled returns, so I decided to look for a tax attorney. I didn’t end up at Federal Tax Professionals at first, but boy do I wish I had. I paid $6,000 with another tax firm. But after 5 months of going back and forth, we were still at square one. Nothing had been taken care of. I called every day for a refund and never received it, and still had to prepare and file my delinquent returns. Luckily, I found Federal Tax Professionals. They were A+ rated. One phone call to their tax specialists and I was sold. Federal Tax Professionals really went to bat for me, stopped the IRS calls and had all my returns filed for a fraction of the cost that I ate with the other guys. Thanks for the peace of mind. Federal Tax Professionals is the best.

Dustin - Indianapolis, IN

Thanks so much for completing all my tax returns. I can now sleep much better and I’m no longer depressed. Dane at Federal Tax Professionals is my new best friend.

Jennifer - San Antonio, TX

Thank you for helping me with my tax issue. I did not have the all my records and didn’t think I could ever get it done. You had my income information within 48 hours and I had my tax returns ready in just 3 days. Federal Tax Professionals is a lifesaver.

Terry - Austin, TX

Federal Tax Professionals will address IRS tax problems for our clients by negotiating with the IRS for the best possible solution, which may be one of the following >>

We have more than a few options, such as An Offer in Compromise, an affordable payment plan, or to have our client declared as Currently Not Collectible with the IRS. Each one of our clients have different and complex tax problems. We treat each client as an individual, so there is no one solution for every client. We will find an affordable and permanent solution to your IRS problems.

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