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Need IRS help? The first thing Federal Tax Professionals does with all our clients is obtain their IRS account transcripts through the Freedom of Information Act. Most people would be surprised to learn just how much the IRS knows about them. Obtaining a copy of your IRS file is critical in analyzing the options available to resolve your tax problems.

Here at Federal Tax Professionals, we request a copy of your IRS file and our professional Enrolled Agents will review and study it. That way, we can properly instruct you on the best course of action. As an added bonus, we request these documents without raising any red flags.

Emergencies: Request a Transcript of Your Tax Return

If you need a record of your recent or past tax returns you can request a copy by mail or phone. You can use this form (Form 4506-T) to order a free copy. You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view it. Here is a free download if you don’t have Adobe Acrobat Reader.

The form will have the address that you should mail your request too. The address depends on where you live. You can also call (800) 829-1040 (toll free) to order a copy.

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