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If you were to call the IRS yourself, rather than employing a tax attorney, they will ask specific questions and gather information so that they can use it against you. The IRS will ask you about bank account numbers, investments, where you work and how you work. This is all an effort to seize your assets!

That is why it is of the utmost importance that you do not talk to the IRS yourself and have a tax lawyer speak with them on your behalf. Here at Federal Tax Professionals, we have seen many of our clients mistakenly contact the IRS first, thinking that they would be able to find out more information. Unfortunately, they quickly learn that their bank accounts, wages and even their beloved cars were all quickly seized – all because they answered a few questions to the IRS. Let the tax professionals at Federal Tax Professionals give you all the IRS help you need.

Should you have a representative & will the IRS think you are guilty when you do?

Unfortunately, the IRS always assumes that you are guilty. They never believe excuses or assume that you are innocent. They have heard every excuse under the sun a thousand times over – and they just do not care.

Hiring a tax professional to represent you is extremely important. As you have seen on TV dozens of times, people are often convicted, not with solid evidence, but with the statements that are given to the police. Your silence is the best thing that you can do for yourself – and let a professional give you IRS help. While you may wonder if involving us may make you appear ‘guilty,’ this is not the case. The IRS prefers working with attorneys and will expedite your case, rather than spending time repetitively interrogating you.

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