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How Most Tax Firms Lie to their Clients

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“Most Tax Firms will verbally promise you things that are different from what’s in their contract


  1. Verbally guarantee you that they will waive your penalties –These Tax Firms will promise you this over the phone with certainty, but when you read their contract, if they even send you one, it clearly states differently. You will find things like “we will attempt to negotiate” or to “please know that obtaining penalty abatement is difficult and many taxpayers do not qualify”. Do not take verbal promises with certainty; they are hoping you do not read the contract. Once the IRS has assessed your penalties, it is very difficult to have the penalties waived, unless the penalty has what is known as “reasonable cause” (Learn More).
  2. Verbally guarantee they will stop IRS wage garnishments, bank levies etc. immediately- These Tax Firms make you believe that they have some special method to stop IRS wage garnishments and bank levies. The truth is, in their contract, again if they even send you one; it clearly states that in order to stop levies you must be in compliance with IRS regulations. For example, you will need to have filed all tax returns and may need additional financial statements. They verbally portray the idea that giving them the Power of Attorney will mysteriously solve everything.
  3.  They say they have a Flat Fee and can start with a minimal down payment and then small monthly payments and everything will be done for you immediately-The Flat Fee is all of a sudden an “Estimated fee”. They are offering small monthly payments making you think they will start your case and get everything resolved right away. Yet their contract states the work will not begin until 30% to 100% of the estimated fee is fully paid. Read your contract!
  4. They have a BBB- Better Business Bureau- Rating- Unfortunately, these are some of the worst Tax Firms out there to deal with nowadays. They are deceiving the public and also falsely advertising that they are rated an A or A+ by the BBB, when in actuality, they either have a low rating or no rating. Do your research!
  5. They have highly professional people working- A lot of Tax Firms will say they have seasoned tax attorneys, CPAs, ex IRS agents, and former appeals officers from the IRS etc. The true fact is, 95% of Tax Firms do not list a single employee on their website; and if they do list them, 90% carry a background that is minimal. The reason these Tax Firms do not list employees is because they DO NOT have highly professional people working for them.
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