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IRS Tax Audit

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Most of the “tax firms” DO NOT actually employ tax lawyers within their firm. The sad fact is THEY LIE! That’s why their websites DO NOT list any licensed individual by name. Many of these firms are no more than marketing companies with high-pressure salespeople. Fortunately for you, Federal Tax Professionals has qualified personnel (read more). Our “Dream Team” possesses inside knowledge of the IRS. At the same time, Federal Tax Professionals is always honest. Our clients are treated like family. In a world where not all tax firms are ethical, you can depend on Federal Tax Professionals.

Don’t Become a Victim!
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The Top 5 MISLEADING CLAIMS That Most Tax Firms Guarantee their Clients over the Phone: 

  1. They will have your penalties waived
  2. Stop IRS Wage Garnishments, Bank Levies etc. actions immediately
  3. Minimal down payment or small monthly payments and everything will be done for you immediately
  4. They are rated by the Better Business Bureau
  5. Have highly experienced professionals working for them

But when you read their contract, it is completely different than what they tell clients verbally.

Click here to learn why these are lies!

            Unlike tax attorneys, Federal Tax Professionals will never tell you anything that is different from what’s in the contract.

For your convenience, we have listed some companies you may come across in your search for representation which shows their number of BBB complaints.


“I was very cautious about getting help when I received an audit letter. After doing extensive research, I hired Federal Tax Professionals to represent my husband and I against the IRS. The whole experience was a pleasure. Your professional team helped to eliminate the stress from our situation. We are extremely happy with our results and would recommend Federal Tax Professionals to anybody who needs help. Thank you sincerely for getting us our lives back.”
Stephanie S. | Cincinnati, OH
“Federal Tax Professionals practices what it preaches. I had a federal tax case that Federal Tax Professionals took control of and handled better than I thought possible. I had an IRS agent come to my house, talk to my neighbor and go my place of business looking for me. I panicked! I called Federal Tax Professionals and they put a stop to all visits immediately. The IRS couldn’t call me and harass me any longer. The group squared away my case by filing returns and setting me up in an affordable payment plan. Finding Federal Tax Professionals was a blessing.”
Nathan D. | Bloomington, MN
“I hired a highly recommended and expensive CPA to represent me when the IRS audited my last three years of returns. It turned out to be a total fiasco, as the CPA didn’t accomplish a single thing. I was told by the IRS that $119,000 of my deductions were going to be denied. That’s when a friend recommended Jeffrey Galante and Federal Tax Professionals. After some extensive research, I hired him to do an audit appeal. After 10 months, he had the IRS agree that I only owed them $1,500!”
Armand A. | Brooklyn, NY
“I am self-employed, and business has been slow over the last few years. I found it very difficult to pay my 940 and 941 taxes, while still maintaining other bills to keep my business afloat. After meeting an IRS officer one time, I realized that they don’t care what excuse I had. That’s when I decided it would be best if I didn’t meet the agent again. Instead, I looked for professional help. Only Federal Tax Professionals was straight with me, while the other companies simply told me what I wanted to hear. I am an intelligent businessman and if something sounds too good to be true, then it probably is. As a result, I hired Federal Tax Professionals. They helped me every step of the way, from filing the missing returns to reaching an agreement I could manage. If you need tax help, a phone call to Federal Tax Professionals will be well worth your time.”
Charles W. | New York, NY
“If you have ever sat face to face with an IRS agent that is scrutinizing every single line item on your tax return, you may know what it feels like to be defenseless. At first, I thought I would be capable of addressing the IRS’s concerns by myself. But I quickly realized how little I knew about taxes and my rights as a taxpayer. After doing some research online, I hired Federal Tax Professionals to represent me in front of the IRS. The IRS agent was no longer able to take advantage of my ignorance. Better yet, Federal Tax Professionals had proven to the IRS that my original tax return filed was correct. Ultimately, no change was made on my 2017 tax return. Thanks Jeffrey!”
Brian B. | Springfield, MA
“Thank you Federal Tax Professionals for your help with my audit. I thought I had everything that the IRS required, but I was paralyzed with fear after receiving an audit letter. I was unable to deal with this myself. After your review of my records, I felt a lot better. But I was still worried. One of the best days of my life is when you called and said the audit was complete with no changes. It was worth every penny I spent with Federal Tax Professionals. Thank You so much!”
Kim N. | Atlanta, GA
“A client of ours was very happy with Jeff Galante and the experience he brought to the table. I believe that Jeff significantly exceeded the company’s, and their attorney’s expectations. He came in and helped us during a difficult IRS audit. When he was done, he had successfully gotten rid of all my penalties. His writing and researching skills are excellent. Needless to say, the client is extremely appreciative of Federal Tax Professionals’s services.”
Carl L. (CPA) | Pittsburgh, PA
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