New IRS Debt Forgiveness Program

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The recently updated Fresh Start Program represents a significant improvement to the IRS’s previous Offer in Compromise program. If done correctly, you may be able to successfully settle your tax debt for significantly less than you owe. The chances of getting your tax debt forgiven are greatly improved with an experienced IRS profesional by your side.

At Federal Tax Professionals, over 96% of our Offers in Compromise submitted to the IRS have been approved!

Our up-to-date inside knowledge of the IRS has enabled us to create a unique software based system incorporating internal IRS guidelines, protocols, and procedures to maximize savings and acceptance rates for our clients seeking debt forgiveness.  This exclusive software created by Federal Tax Professionals, allows our experts to quickly and effectively determine the best course of action for our clients, on a case by case basis.   If you are interested in taking the first step towards tax debt forgiveness using our specialized system, or would like to learn more about how Federal Tax Professionals can help resolve your tax liabilities, contact one of our experts today and receive a free preliminary evaluation using our private software!

Federal Tax Professionals will conduct a complete forensic examination before submitting your offer to the IRS. Our specialists will carefully examine your individual situation and financial information. Our forensic investigation is intensive and thorough, taking up to three weeks to complete. Only after this comprehensive investigation has concluded will we submit your offer to the IRS. Don’t get ripped off, before making any decisions regarding the IRS, do your research!

Federal Tax Professionals specializing in Offers in Compromise under the Fresh Start Program.

Click here to see if you qualify for an Offer In Compromise for free!

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