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Offshore Voluntary Disclosure

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Allow our experienced IRS Offshore Disclosure team composed of ex-IRS agents, CPA and Attorneys, at Federal Tax Professionals handle the disclosure of your overseas bank accounts and reduce your risk of prosecution or criminal investigation. Our team not only understands the complicated IRS voluntary disclosure and tax amnesty programs, but we have also helped hundreds of clients bring their undisclosed offshore accounts into full compliance with the United States tax and regulatory requirements.  We have successfully helped reduce the 27.5% penalty down to 5% on a majority of our cases, but the taxpayer must act fast.  If the Government contacts you first, then, you lose your chances of reducing the penalty. Ask us how we can do the same for you.


WHY WORK WITH Federal Tax ProfessionalsS?

  • Our ex-IRS agents, CPAs and attorneys understand the procedures and logistics of the Internal Revenue Service.
  • We know what options and defenses are available to taxpayers with undisclosed overseas accounts.
  • We understand the history of the offshore voluntary disclosure program, including the 2011, 2012 and important 2014 updates.
  • We can help you wherever you live in the United States or abroad.
  •  We have helped hundreds of clients come into full compliance with U.S. tax laws (and can do the same for you).
  • We’ve never had a client criminally indicted while being represented by our firm.



The IRS created its first offshore voluntary disclosure program in 2009 in an effort to entice taxpayers with undisclosed overseas accounts to voluntarily come forward and disclose their accounts to the IRS. It was so successful that the program was extended.  Each year brings new updates to the program. Since the qualifications are always changing it is critical to have the guidance of experienced IRS voluntary disclosure experts. We simplify the process, provide options and find solutions:


Offshore Disclosures Testimonials

I am a US citizen living in Germany making good money as a mechanical engineer for a German company. I was filing self-prepared German income tax returns and paying the German income tax but had no idea I was also supposed to file US tax returns. I also had a savings account in a German bank which accumulated to over $200,000 – $150,000 of which I inherited from my mother when she passed a few years ago. A year ago I discovered that I should have been filing and paying US taxes on money I earned in excess of the income exclusion. I didn´t know what to do so I went to a local accounting firm and they informed me that not only did I need to file US tax returns I should have also been filing an annual report in the US disclosing I had money in a foreign bank account. I learned later that this is called FBAR. They told me that they could not prepare my US tax returns and could not help me with the FBAR reporting. I went on the internet and read about Federal Tax Professionals so I emailed them for advice. They explained that they would prepare my back US tax returns, but I needed to send them copies of my German tax returns which were in German of course. Federal Tax Professionals told me that their staff can interpret foreign language returns and also handle back dated currency conversion. I realized that filing US returns in my situation was more complicated than I thought. They agreed that I was also in violation of US law regarding not being compliant with FBAR reporting but assured me that they would handle everything and not to worry. What a relief. Federal Tax Professionals certainly exceeded my expectations. They prepared several years returns and handled by back FBAR filing requirement under the voluntary disclosure program and saved me thousands of dollars in penalties that I would have had if the IRS discovered I was out of compliance on their own. I was very impressed and would not hesitate to recommend Federal Tax Professionals for anyone needing help dealing with the IRS.
Steve K. - Hamburg, Germany
I am 55 years old and have always lived and worked in the US. About 10 years ago my wealthy aunt died and left me a large sum of money that was in a French bank account. I liked the interest rate it was paying and decided to keep the account there. I also added to the account over the years. I have always filed and paid my taxes on time but never reported the interest income on the French account. Then I read an article in the newspaper that the IRS was putting pressure on UBS bank in Switzerland to give them the names etc. of US citizens having accounts with the bank. The IRS was starting to crackdown on taxpayers not disclosing foreign bank accounts and not disclosing the foreign income. I then realized that I may be affected by this crackdown and didn´t know what to do. I had questions like how far back do I have to report, how many years tax returns do I have to amend, who is going to be able to read my bank statements that were in French (of course). I spoke to a couple local accounting firms and it became obvious that they did not have a clue. I found Federal Tax Professionals on line. When I explained my situation to the tax specialist he assured me that they knew how to handle everything to limit my exposure and that interpreting the French bank statements was not a problem. They amended 8 years tax returns and handled all of the back FBAR filings. I could not have been more pleased with the results and how they handled everything very professionally. I highly recommend Federal Tax Professionals.
Terrance M.
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