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Success Stories

Some of Our Success Stories…

Lisa from Florida contacted us after an IRS prepared 2002 tax return stated she owed $86,000. Unable to pay the tax debt, the IRS imposed a wage levy on Lisa’s salary leaving her nothing to live on.
Lisa contacted us on a Friday, November 7 around 10:30am asking for our help. Our tax experts sprung into action:

  • We immediately secured all of Lisa’s information from the IRS so that we could analyze it then formulate the best plan of action.
  • On Monday, November 10 by 3pm we had prepared and filed a corrected 2002 tax return reducing the IRS’ tax liability from $86,000 to $0.00.
  • That same day by 4pm we secured a wage garnishment release thereby providing Lisa with her full salary!
  • Case closed in 3 ½ days that included a weekend! Lisa was thrilled with our speedy results.


Richard contacted us on December 15 around noon stating that the IRS had a wage garnishment in effect.

Our swift course of action began:

  • We immediately had our Emergency Relief Team(ERT) contact the IRS and found out Richard needed to file his 2001, 2002 and 2003 tax returns.
  • As Richard did not have the records necessary to file those taxes, the ERT ordered his income information from the IRS and had Richard fill out a questionnaire in order to complete his returns.
  • Next day, December 16, 9:30am Richard returned his paperwork and we prepared his 2001, 2002, and 2003 returns then emailed them to him for signing.
  • December 17 at 9:40am we received his signed tax returns. The ERT contacted the IRS to file his taxes, negotiate a payment plan and an immediate release of the wage levy.
  • December 18, 11:20am we received a copy of the wage garnishment release.

Case closed within 3 days!

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