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Why we are Competitively Priced

We are competitively priced because we have a team of experienced Tax Attorneys, CPA’s, and Ex-IRS Agents working together to gain the best resolution possible for you. Our team operates fully in-house and provides you with the assurance that your IRS issue can be resolved quickly and efficiently.


One of the Best Audit Defense Teams

Federal Tax Professionals was founded by Ex-IRS agents who actually wrote parts of the IRS Audit Manual that is still used today. We know how the IRS operates which gives us an upper-hand in knowing precisely how to handle your audit case giving you the best advantage possible.

Haven’t filed your returns? No problem.

If you haven’t filed your taxes for years and you don’t have the records or bookkeeping necessary to file those taxes, you don’t need to worry. We have the knowledge and expertise to recreate multiple years of tax returns for you in just days, not weeks or months.

Learn how we Reduced IRS Debt

J. Barkley – Sidney, Australia

Debt Reduction Total: $269,500
I have lived in Australia for 20 years and was recently notified by bank that they were required to report my accounts to the IRS. I went online and read about all of the foreign bank account reporting requirements and how people were facing criminal charges for not reporting so I knew I need professional help. A friend referred me to Federal Tax Professionals and after checking around with other firms I came back to Federal Tax Professionals because they were the only ones who would tell me the truth about my options. They handled my case quickly and had my penalties lowered to pennies on the dollar.

B. Heffner – Spokane, WA

Debt Reduction Total: $83,500
The IRS sent a revenue officer to my place of business and told me I was being audited for the past two years. He started asking a lot of questions about my business and I didn’t know what to do. After speaking with Federal Tax Professionals they went to work immediately. They helped me prepare everything I needed to present for the audit and I never had to speak to the IRS directly again. The audit turned out successful but only because Federal Tax Professionals was there to guide me every step of the way.

L. Davis – Atlanta, GA

Debt Reduction Total: $23,386
My daughter received a notice from the IRS that she owed $24,586 and they were looking at garnishing her wages. When I called Federal Tax Professionals, they explained in detail what needed to be done right away. My daughter had the garnishment released within days and Federal Tax Professionals got her into an extremely low payment plan she can actually afford. I’d like to say “Thank You” to the entire Federal Tax Professionals team for taking care of my daughter like she was family.

S. McElroy – Dallas, TX

Debt Reduction Total: $495,800
My business was growing quickly and my bookkeeper was not on top of the payroll tax situation. One day I received a call from an IRS revenue officer that I was 2 years behind on payroll taxes and owed over $500,000! I was facing potential criminal charges for something I knew nothing about. Federal Tax Professionals came to the rescue and took over my case. The stopped the harassment from the revenue officer and helped my business get organized and caught up with everything saving me thousands of dollars in penalties and interest.

Why Federal Tax Professionals?

We have inside knowledge of the IRS and know exactly how they operate

Not one of our 50,000 + clients has ever been criminally charged

Over 88% of our clients have had their tax debt reduced in various ways

Better Business Bureau A+ Rating

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