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Most of the “tax firms” DO NOT actually employ tax lawyers within their firm. The sad fact is THEY LIE! That’s why their websites DO NOT list any licensed individual by name. Many of these firms are no more than marketing companies with high-pressure salespeople. Fortunately for you, Federal Tax Professionals has qualified personnel (read more). Our “Dream Team” possesses inside knowledge of the IRS. At the same time, Federal Tax Professionals is always honest. Our clients are treated like family. In a world where not all tax firms are ethical, you can depend on Federal Tax Professionals.

Don’t Become a Victim!
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Discover the Top 5 MISLEADING CLAIMS That Most Tax Firms Guarantee their Clients over the Phone: 

  1. They will have your penalties waived!
  2. Stop IRS Wage Garnishments, Bank Levies etc. actions immediately!
  3. Minimal down payment or small monthly payments and everything will be done for you immediately!
  4. They are rated by the Better Business Bureau!
  5. Have highly experienced professionals working for them!

But when you read their contract, it is completely different than what they tell clients verbally.

Click here to learn why these are lies!

Unlike tax attorneys, Federal Tax Professionals will never tell you anything that is different from what’s in the contract.

For your convenience, we have listed some companies you may come across in your search for representation which shows their number of BBB complaints.


“I just want to take a minute and thank you guys for your valuable help. I didn’t know what to do after my mailbox was stuffed full of mail telling me about a tax lien. Everyone I spoke to said they could get the lien removed and they could lower my debt. I almost went with one of the other companies, but I called Federal Tax Professionals before deciding. Unlike everyone else I spoke to, your guy listened to my problem first and then actually talked about the specifics. The other companies I spoke with only talked in generalities. Federal Tax Professionals successfully did my returns and even though I owed, you got me a reasonable payment plan. I just want to thank you for the help and I will recommend you to everyone I know. Thanks again.”
Gina F. | Asheville, NC
“I had a pretty big tax problem and was unsure who would be the best suitor for my case. I researched tax attorneys and CPAs, but had no idea how to choose. After speaking to several firms and hearing their sales pitches, I had the privilege to speak to a representative at Federal Tax Professionals who gave me an honest, fair assessment. He also explained how my case would be resolved. Even better, I was informed that Federal Tax Professionals could resolve every one of my issues. They took care of my IRS problems from start to finish. Thank goodness!”
Steven P. | Santa Monica, CA
“I just wanted to send my thanks for a job well done. I owed the IRS roughly $140k since 2014. Also, I did not file my taxes since then. I was laid off from my job and moved to a different state. I didn’t hear from the IRS until I was informed by my employer that the IRS was going to start garnishing my pay. After doing my research, I decided to hire Federal Tax Professionals. They explained that before they could do anything about the garnishment, I would have to get all of my tax returns filed. They got all my returns prepared for my signature in just 3 days. With the financial information I provided, they were able to negotiate an affordable monthly payment plan and for the IRS to release the garnishment the next day. This means that I only have to pay about $12k in monthly payments and then I will not have to make any more. Not only is Federal Tax Professionals’s staff courteous and professional, they did a super job.”
Joe B. | Oklahoma City, OK
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