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Federal Tax Professionals has successfully negotiated with the IRS on Collection, Examination and Appeals matters ranging from less complex to very complex corporate tax issues involving millions of dollars. We have an outstanding record of audits results, many resulting in no adjustments being recommended by the IRS. Federal Tax Professionals also has a successful record of negotiating with the IRS to abate penalties including late filing, late paying, and accuracy related penalties. On one particular employment tax case, we were successful in getting the IRS to back off their in assertion that the client owed over $600,000.

Instead, the client owed nothing to the IRS.

We strive to put our clients at ease. Our strategy is to first brief the client as to what to expect during the audit, and then actively engage ourselves in the audit, to ensure that it stays on track and doesn’t become a fishing expedition. Several clients have said that “the IRS acted differently when we attended the audit session. The IRS Revenue Agents made sure that they complied with their own policies and procedures. The Revenue Agents knew that we were aware of all of the IRS’ policies and procedures, and that we would tell them or their managers when they weren’t following their proper audit procedures.

Read what others have said about our successes:

Offer in Compromise

Thank you Federal Tax Professionals for the spectacular results with the IRS on the Offer In Compromise.  This will allow us to get a fresh start and allow us to start saving for our retirement years.  Before this relief was granted all that we had to look forward to was working until the day we died to just satisfy the IRS.  Thank you again.

Back Taxes

Please extend our sincere and deeply appreciated “Thanks” for all Federal Tax Professionals has done for our family. As you know we had a few very bad years with family health needs along with losing our house due to the mortgage crisis and then we got behind with the IRS, we thought our lives were now over and everything we had worked for was lost forever. I remember seeing online about Federal Tax Professionals and because there was no “savings of 85%” but rather the confidence of Federal Tax Professionals’ assurance of providing competent service with the goal of getting my family back on track with the IRS with upfront fee’s, I contacted Federal Tax Professionals… This week after almost ten years of being ashamed and scared of our tax debt, my family has had a great weight lifted from our lives. Thanks’ again. – Pete and Tina Baker

Audit Representation

Brian B. was audited by the IRS for his 2007 1040 tax return. He met the IRS agent one time and determined that he could not handle the case on his own. Even though the audit was initiated for 2007 only, the IRS was also inquiring about related items on his 2008 and 2009 1040 tax returns. Brian is a licensed real estate sales representative and the IRS was questioning many of his business expenses he reported. Brian contacted Federal Tax Professionals and received a complete and honest evaluation of how Federal Tax Professionals could help him. The Audit Defense Team at Federal Tax Professionals was in contact with the IRS agent within 24 hours of being hired. Federal Tax Professionals stood by Brian throughout the entire duration of the audit and defended his rights as an American taxpayer. Brian was kind enough to write us a testimonial as follows:

“If you have ever sat face to face with an IRS agent that is scrutinizing every single line item on your tax return, you may know what it feels like to be defenseless. At first, I thought I would be capable of addressing the IRS’s concerns by myself but quickly realized how little I knew about taxes and my rights as a taxpayer. After doing some research online, I hired Federal Tax Professionals to represent me in front of the IRS. The IRS agent was no longer able to take advantage of my ignorance towards taxes and Federal Tax Professionals had proven to the IRS that my original tax return filed was correct. Ultimately, no change was made on my 2007 tax return and the $14,000 that the IRS was attempting to increase by liability by was dropped. Thanks again Jeffrey!”  – Brian B.


Unfiled Returns

Derek was a self-employed 1099 independent contractor who did not file his tax returns for 7 years.  The IRS filed returns for him called Substitute for Returns (SFR) and assessed him $60,000 on the gross income that was reported to the IRS.  Of course the IRS did not know what Derek’s business expenses were. Federal Tax Professionals prepared all of Derek’s returns which showed his business expenses and got his tax debt reduced to $8,000.  Derek was able to borrow money from his credit union to pay the debt off.
“We were very pleased with the experience we had with Federal Tax Professionals. They were very professional, prompt and knowledgeable in every aspect of my specific case. I thought this tax debt would never go away and haunt us for the rest of my life. My wife and I could not have asked for a better, more personal care from anyone. If anyone I know should ever require such a service from a reputable firm, they can feel free to contact me at anytime. TWO THUMBS UP Federal Tax Professionals!!!! – Derek and Janice B, Kansas City, MO


Wage Garnishments Lifted

I am writing to express my thanks to Federal Tax Professionals for their help in my tax issue. I found Federal Tax Professionals with an internet search and never regretted it from the first phone call. When I called, the IRS was going to levy my wages and I was in despair as I had been working with another firm on resolving my tax issue and after nearly 3 years of working on it, was still at ground zero.  Federal Tax Professionals never made me a pie in the sky promise or misrepresented themselves at any part of our working relationship. They stopped my wage garnishment in just a couple days and then we worked on setting up a payment plan. After explaining my situation, it was determined that an Offer In Compromise was not in my best interest at this point. So once the payment plan was set up I decided that I was going to have to file bankruptcy. I found a wonderful lawyer who helped me out, and at the creditors hearing for the chapter 13 filing the IRS said that all of my debt was unsecured (in excess of $150,000) as I didn’t have any assets. The IRS released me of any and all debts owed to them. I was shocked and overjoyed. Federal Tax Professionals was honest with me and said that an OIC was not going to work for my situation and that perhaps bankruptcy would be an option. As it turned out, they were very right. I had a very challenging experience with another tax resolution firm that left me wondering if I was ever going to get my tax issues resolved. Thanks to the patience and guidance of Federal Tax Professionals, I was able to get the ship upright and now I have a fresh start. Warmest Regards. – Daniel


Garnishments Avoided

Bill T hired Federal Tax Professionals when his bank account was levied with $3500 in it that the bank had to release to the IRS. When we contacted the IRS to verify his status we found out that he had not filed tax returns for 5 years. Also, we were told by the agent that a wage garnishment was going out to Bill’s employer which Bill did not even know about. We were able to secure a hold on the garnishment order to allow time to bring Bill into compliance and in a payment plan resolution.  We prepared all 5 years of Bill’s tax returns in 3 days after receiving Bill’s filing information and successfully negotiated an installment payment plan which stopped any further collection action by the IRS.

“I was so stressed about what I owed the IRS that I didn’t open my mail for months… it wasn’t until I received a levy on my bank account that I finally did something. I found Federal Tax Professionals on Google and thankfully they were still able to help me out. At least it’s being taken care of now…” – Bill T, Philadelphia, PA


Audit Representation

Client contacted Federal Tax Professionals about an audit.  The client was terrified after speaking with the agent.  After our internal review of the clients documents Federal Tax Professionals realized that the clients records were in good order and forwarded them to the agent.  The Audit was completed in two days.

Thank you Federal Tax Professionals for your help with my audit.  I thought I had everything that the IRS required but I was paralyzed with fear.  I was just unable to deal with this myself.  After your review of my records I felt a lot better but still worried.  One of the best days in my life is when you called and said the audit was complete with no changes.  It was worth every penny I spent with Federal Tax Professionals.  I could not handle this and it effected my health.  Thank You. – Kim, Atlanta GE.


Currently Not Collectible

Ralph and Mary G were having health and financial problems and the last straw was when they received a Final Notice of Intent to Levy from the IRS.  Ralph just went back to work after being laid off for 6 months and Mary had to stop working to care for their daughter who was suffering with Leukemia.  The medical bills were crushing them and now the notice from the IRS came threatening to garnish Ralph’s wages. Fortunately, they called JIG TAX GROUP as soon as they received the Final Notice of Intent to Levy.  They decided to hire Federal Tax Professionals. Federal Tax Professionals FILED a Collection Due Process (CDP) Appeal which temporarily stopped the IRS from carrying out their threat to Garnish Ralph’s wages.  Ralph and Mary provided Federal Tax Professionals with financial documentation that showed that they could not afford to pay the IRS under the national standards affordability test.  Federal Tax Professionals organized re-packaged the information in the format the IRS requires.  The IRS agreed with Federal Tax Professionals’s recommendation and declared Ralph and Mary as Currently Not Collectable.  We received the following letter from Ralph:

Thank you Federal Tax Professionals for helping me and my family. With all the financial problems I was having I was scared to death when I received a threat from the IRS that they were going to levy my wages.  I found out that they could levy up to 70% of my net pay and if that happened there was no way that I could support my family and pay for my daughter’s medical treatments.  My wife and I have worked and paid our taxes all of our lives so we didn’t know what to do with me being laid off for 6 months.  I learned about Federal Tax Professionals on the internet.  I noticed that you had an A rating with the Better Business Bureau.  I also learned a lot by reading the information on your web site.  Your employees took the time to explain everything to me in a way that I could understand.  You stopped the IRS from garnishing my wages and got me into what is called Currently Not Collectable status so I do not have to worry about the IRS right now which is allowing us to get back on our feet.  I would not hesitate to recommend Federal Tax Professionals to anyone having a problem with the IRS.  – Ralph G, Little Rock, AR


Back Taxes

I am writing to express my grateful thanks to Federal Tax Professionals for your assistance in helping me with the back taxes I owed the IRS.  I was self-employed as a carpenter for several years and had trouble keeping up with filing my taxes every year.  It was all I could do to pay my rent and feed my family.  I started getting notices from the IRS saying that I owed a total of $46,000. That didn’t make any sense because I did not make much money.  I called Federal Tax Professionals for a free consultation and spoke with John Haines.  Mr. Haines took the time to listen to my story and quickly figured out what the problem was.  He explained that since I did not file my tax returns the IRS taxed me on the full 1099 income that was reported by my employers.  He explained that I still had a legal right to file all of my tax returns in order to claim my business deductions.  The fee Mr Haines quoted included preparing all of my un-filed tax returns so that all of my deductions would be taken into account. After all the returns were filed my IRS debt was reduced to $6,000.  Federal Tax Professionals negotiated a low monthly payment plan and my problem was solved. I would not hesitate to recommend your firm to anyone having problems with the IRS. – Joe K, St. Louis, MO


Levies Lifted

I hadn’t slept in almost a week, I couldn’t eat and was too stressed to even leave the house.The IRS was garnishing my wages and levied my bank account, and I had no money to pay my rent and thought I was doomed for sure.By the time I contacted Federal Tax Professionals, I thought there was no hope.A phone call to their offices and an hour later, I felt like there was a light at the end of the tunnel.They educated me on the process that led up to my wage garnishment and levy, and how they were going to fix it.Their office worked very quickly to gather all of my information and get to work.Before the end of the week my garnishment and levy were lifted, and Jeff himself spoke to the IRS and set me up on an affordable payment plan.I can rest easy again, and I still have a place to live! Thanks Jeff and everyone at Federal Tax Professionals! You saved my life! – Carol, taxpayer


Stress Free Resolutions

Federal Tax Professionals lifted my wage garnishment in three days and also removed the levy placed on my wife’s social security. We owed $37000 and only ended up paying $4400. Thanks to Jeff for his time spent between both us and the IRS, and all of his hard work to get our garnishment and levy stopped. The IRS resolution representative took the time to carefully explain the process to us and also explained what our rights were. They answered every email and phone call, or got back to us immediately.The level of professionalism and care for what you do made this process stress free. Thank You! – James and Lisa, taxpayers


Peace of Mind Now

The IRS was really hassling me about my 3 years of unfiled returns, so I decided to look for a tax attorney. I didn’t end up at Federal Tax Professionals in the first place, but boy do I wish I had.I paid $6000 with another tax firm and after 5 months of going back and forth, we were still at square one.Nothing had been taken care of.I called every day for a refund and never received it, and still had to prepare and file my delinquent returns.Luckily, in a search of the Better Business Bureau I found Federal Tax Professionals, and they were A rated! One phone call to their tax specialists, and I was sold. Federal Tax Professionals really went to bat for me, stopped the IRS calls and letters and had all of my returns filed for a fraction of the cost that I ate with the other guys.Thanks for the peace of mind.You guys are the best! Dustin, taxpayer


Ease Your Mind

Thank you Federal Tax Professionals for all of your help in settling my debt with the IRS! I owed $22,573, but only ended up paying $1988.You really eased my mind, the way you kept the IRS off of my back. Also, I wanted to thank for helping me eat and sleep again. I’ll recommend you to anyone I can think of who could possibly use your wonderful help! – Tucker, taxpayer


5 Years of Tax Returns Completed and Filed with the IRS

Thanks so much for completing all my tax returns. I can now sleep much better.  You are my new best friend! Thanks again. – Jennifer, taxpayer


No Change Audit Result

Client was very, very happy with Jeff and the experience he brought to the engagement. I believe in the client’s eyes, Jeff significantly exceeded his, the company’s, and their attorney’s expectations. William, CPA.


All Penalties Waived

Jeff came in and helped us during a difficult IRS audit. His efforts concluded in a successful waiving of all penalties. His writing and researching skills are excellent. Jeff was instrumental in bringing the audit to a favorable conclusion.  The client is very appreciative of Jeff’s services. – Carl , CPA


Great Rapport with the IRS

Jeff is very credible and confident in his knowledge of the procedures necessary during an IRS audit, but comes across as very personable with the Revenue Agent. He very quickly established a great rapport. This situation has been unique in that the client is now a shell company and the IRS audit procedure was a bit different. Jeff has been very pragmatic and did an excellent job of working with the Revenue Agent in determining the appropriate audit plan. – Denise, CPA


Excellent Knowledge of IRS Policies and Procedures

Jeff very effectively consulted on a rather complex IRS Appeals issue and had great recommendations for the client. Jeff had an excellent knowledge of the IRS Appeals process and how to navigate it effectively. I would consider it a privilege to work with Jeff again. – Dennis, business owner


IRS Fully Conceded Their Position

Jeff helped me with an IRS Revenue Agent’s proposed assessment Appeals hearing. He was well prepared. He understood the issue well. He was very well versed in the background case law and related statute and applicable regulations. He was very successful in convincing the Appeals Officer that the taxpayer’s position was correct. – Robert, CPA.


No Change Result

Jeff became involved in this client’s case when the IRS Revenue Agent declined to negotiate a settlement after reviewing our protest letter. It was suggested that this case would be perfect for the Appeals Fast Track Mediation process, which is Jeff’s specialty.  After arranging the Fast Track conference with the IRS and sharing our strategy with the IRS and client, the IRS called shortly before the conference to fully concede and to say that they would issue a no change report. – C J., CPA


Emergency Relief Team solved client out of the United States

We recently received a very nice letter from a client who lives in Poland, has a part-time residence in Florida and has businesses in both places who had direct dealings with our Emergency Relief Team.  Janusz came to us because the IRS had said that his company owed employment taxes from several years. However, Janusz said that he didn’t pay any salaries during those tax periods, and he couldn’t understand why the IRS was sending him threatening letters.  When Federal Tax Professionals got involved, the IRS was threatening to levy or seize some of the company’s assets.

Janusz wrote: Thank you very much for helping me. Federal Tax Professionals worked quickly and efficiently by within one business day first stopping the IRS collection actions, and then working with me to file the necessary paperwork with the IRS to resolve my tax problem. Now instead of getting threatening letters from the IRS telling me that they’re going to take my property, I’m now getting a refund. Thank you for defending me before the IRS. I knew that the IRS was wrong, but I didn’t have the courage to confront them. I’m very happy that you didn’t have the same fear and was able to tell the IRS that they were wrong and got back the money the IRS owed me.

Federal Tax Professionals’ Emergency Relief Team stopped the IRS’ seizure action in one day and then provided to the IRS the tax returns they needed to solve the problem. Before Federal Tax Professionals was asked to help, Janusz was being harassed by the IRS for almost a year. Within about a month, Federal Tax Professionals was able to solve the problem.


Here are some Wage Garnishment Release success stories:

Don from Texas contacted us on October 23rd at 2pm with a wage garnishment in effect. Our ERT contacted the IRS and confirmed his 2005 and 2006 tax returns were not filed. With a questionnaire sent to Don and his income documents retrieved from the IRS, the ERT was able to file his returns and put him back in compliance with the IRS via fax. Our ERT was then able to procure a wage garnishment release by October 27th at 10am.

Rick from Maryland contacted us on October 24th at 9am. By 12pm, the ERT learned his 2004 and 2005 tax returns were not filed. Rick’s income documents were retrieved from the IRS and with our questionnaire, the ERT then filed his taxes. By October 27th, his wage garnishment was also released.

You received a notice of “Intent to Levy” 30 days ago and you forgot about it or ignored it. Now, it’s payday; expecting a check, you open the envelope and find that the IRS has taken most of your money. What’s left is not enough to pay the rent, car payment, buy groceries, or pay the rest of the bills. This action will continue on every check due to you, until the tax owed is paid in full.

Now you’re in big financial trouble. No matter how hard you plead with your employer, they can’t give you your money. Once a wage garnishment is filed with your employer, your employer is required by law to collect a large percentage of each of your paychecks.

We are regularly retained to negotiate the release of IRS wage garnishments. Our extensive experience and our inside knowledge of the IRS gives us the ability to stop wage garnishments in 2-3 business days. This allows our clients to begin to receive their full wages, but it is not a permanent solution; once our clients’ wages have been restored, the problem with the IRS still has to be addressed.

Back Taxes

I have been self employed for 3 years now and being a small business owner, there are many things that go into maintaining a business other than time and money. Estimated tax payments are an essential part of staying ahead of the game. I wish I would have known this a few years ago. I was unable to full pay at the time I filed the returns and now I owe the IRS nearly $40,000. I did some research online and ended up selecting Federal Tax Professionals as my representative. They called the IRS for me within 24 hours of hiring them and they prevented the IRS from issuing a bank levy. After that, they reviewed my financial situation and told me all my options. Once we discussed all of this, they negotiated the best resolution for me and even filed the paperwork to remove the accumulated penalties. I couldn’t believe how fast they got everything done, especially during tax season. Thank you Mr. Galante!
Diane C.
“I want to thank you for resolving the tax problems I had with the IRS. Even though you are located three thousand miles away from me, I felt that you were right here in Portland, every step of the way. You were immediately responsive to every question I had, and the resolution to my tax issues was completed in a very expeditious manner and totally to my satisfaction. My only wish is that I had contacted you when the problem began. I would certainly have had the peace of mind I now enjoy much sooner.

I also want to thank you for the excellent job you have done preparing my tax returns.”

John B
Federal Tax Professionals told me the truth. When I originally called I asked could I do this myself and they told me of course and gave me detailed instructions on how to do it. This came with one big warning, IF YOU CALL THE IRS THEY WOULD PUT ME ON A TIME LINE AND IF I DID NOT STICK TO IT THEY WOULD BE ON ME LIKE A WOLF. I had every intention of doing this myself but should have known better of course I procrastinated and they did jump on me. Sheepishly I called Federal Tax Professionals and paid them. They followed the exact same step by step process they told me about and outlined in there contract. Things work real smooth once you get up and finally do it. I had tax returns ready to sign in a week and the IRS off my back the day I called them. I do owe the IRS but less than I thought and the payment plan they set up for me was much better than I thought it would be!!!!

Federal Tax Professionals was correct and they warned me I should have listen paid them and would have saved myself a lot of hurt burn.

Tony. Dallas, TX
I was just going to write a testimonial for Federal Tax Professionals and read someone else’s testimonial it made me laugh.. When I originally called Federal Tax Professionals they shocked me with their honesty. I had talked to other online companies and the ones from the TV ads and everyone but Federal Tax Professionals kept saying the IRS would let me pay less than I owed. When I asked Federal Tax Professionals if they would get the IRS to negotiate the debt they laughed and said, “If the IRS are such cream puffs and just forgive debt why is everyone so scared of them!!!”

What they offered to do for me didn’t seem so difficult I am educated and could do this myself. They said sure you could no problem “BUT WILL YOU”? I asked them what they meant by that and the person I spoke with laughed and said, “you haven’t filed a return in 7 years what makes you think that you will actually do it now”. I got mad and hung up I’d show that guy I would do this myself. I really meant it I would two weeks later I realized they were right and gave them a call paid my fee online and everything was done in two weeks. To everyone out there quite pretending, you are not going to do this yourself! You think you can but it actually takes time and skill!!! Do yourself a favor and call these guys it will be the best money you ever spent.

Philly, Nebraska
My not to bright very well paid college educate son called me in early March he said the IRS grabbed his paycheck and he needed to use my credit card because his was maxed out from Christmas to get a wage garnishment released. My wife was frantic and said I had to do it ASAP. I went to his house and saw just how shook up he was the wife was crying they had taken 70% of of his pay check. I asked him what happened and he said he called one of the companies he saw on TV (the fat guy with a beard) and said they would solve everything for $8000.

Before I handed him my card I wanted to talk to them. We got some very (I wouldn’t say dumb) but not very smart guy he had talked to at the fat guys company who explained the process. The only problem was this guy didn’t know anything. He sounded like he was talking off a script and couldn’t answer any specific questions I asked. I called my accountant to help and he said it wasn’t too difficult to stop but he was too busy with the tax season to help. He said any reputable CPA would be too busy so I should check out other companies online. I looked online and for kicks looked up the fat guys company and almost fell off my chair. After I stopped laughing at my son for being so stupid, how could he even consider a company with an F rating with the Better Business Bureau. Here we found Federal Tax Professionals and I called.

First the guy on the phone did not sound like he was 18. Second he knew what he was talking about. Three they an A rating with the BBB. Fourth there fee was half of the fat guys price. After we spoke I gave him my credit card info and the process started 6 days later the garnishment was release. They said it would have been faster but the IRS does not work on weekends. In the end my son didn’t owe anything when he listed his wife and kid and the Mortgage the IRS owed him about $45,000 in total.

The reason I am writing now is my son said the refund checks are in and I want paid before he spends it.

Chris, Pittsburgh PA
Thanks Federal Tax Professionals

I should have called you sooner. I did not realize that all I had to do was file the returns. The IRS system is so confusing that I got scared and over complicated my issue. I realize that I do owe and the payment plan you set up for me will satisfy my debt inside of 60 months.

Thank you again.

Paul, San Antonio TX
I can not thank you enough for helping me settle my IRS debt. I owed them a lot of money from when I had my own business. I had to close the business and pick up and move my family to another state to start over again. I was able to get a fairly good job but with modest income which was just enough to support my family but had no money left over to pay the IRS. I thought they forgot about me when one day I went into work and learned that they were going to start garnishing my wages. I was scared to death. I called a couple companies that were advertising on TV and felt that they were exaggerating what they could do for me and was turned off by their high pressure sales tactics and the exorbitant fees they quoted. I decided to do some more research on the internet and noticed that Federal Tax Professionals had a good rating with the Better Business Bureau and was impressed by the comments made by some of your clients. Your staff was very professional and helpful in explaining everything to me and your fee was half of what the other firms quoted. I can’t believe that I only have to pay the IRS $100 a month for 36 months and then the balance is wiped out because of the statute of limitation. Thank God I found your firm to take care of this for me. I would not hesitate to recommend your firm to anyone needing help dealing with the IRS.
Joe S Pensacola, Florida
“I want to thank you for resolving the tax problems I had with the IRS. Even though you are located three thousand miles away from me, I felt that you were right here in Portland, every step of the way. You were immediately responsive to every question I had, and the resolution to my tax issues was completed in a very expeditious manner and totally to my satisfaction. My only wish is that I had contacted you when the problem began. I would certainly have had the peace of mind I now enjoy much sooner.

I also want to thank you for the excellent job you have done preparing my tax returns.

John B
I was audited by the IRS and had some vary serious issues on the returns. I talked to multiple online companies and contacted a lawyer for advice. The advice from the lawyer was completely different from the advice I got from Federal Tax Professionals. I weighed the information from Federal Tax Professionals and the Tax Attorney back and forth over almost a week. Both approaches were completely different!!! In the end I decided to go with Federal Tax Professionals. When I spoke with Federal Tax Professionals they were very clear about the approach we would be using. They gave me the best and worst case scenario for the strategy we would use. The IRS agent worked with Federal Tax Professionals and the strategy they worked out got me spectacular results. When I got the audit report I screamed out load.

I am so happy I used Federal Tax Professionals and not the lawyer!!!! Jeff knows his stuff.

Timothy, Erie PA
I own 2 corporations (only one with payroll issues) and the IRS put a revenue officer on my case. I have filed all required payroll returns but the corp owes about $45,000 in payroll taxes. The revenue officer threatened to shut both my business down and levy my personal bank account if I didn’t full pay the balance. I did not have nearly enough money saved to full pay so I called Federal Tax Professionals to help. They contacted the IRS agent the next day and kindly reminded her of my rights as a taxpayer. After they did a financial analysis on my corporation, Federal Tax Professionals negotiated a reasonable payment agreement with the IRS on my behalf. Needless to say, I never had to meet or speak to that nasty revenue officer again. Thanks Federal Tax Professionals!
Kristen P – Baltimore , MD
My employer notified me that the IRS was requesting them to garnish my wages. I was unbelievably shocked as I didn’t receive any notice or warning from the IRS themselves. I haven’t filed a tax return since about 2005 and apparently the IRS assessed a tax bill of about $30,000 in total. I don’t why or how they did this but they did. I researched the top nationwide tax attorney firms and found Federal Tax Professionals. They prepared all my taxes in just a few days as well as had the garnishment released shortly thereafter. I couldn’t thank Jeff Galante and his team enough. Thanks again!
Amy F. – San Antonio , TX
If there is one firm that will be completely honest with you it is Federal Tax Professionals. After researching ratings and reading reviews about other firms in the tax help industry, I was very skeptical about hiring anyone. It was clear to see that Federal Tax Professionals was among the top rated firms in the country so I called to see what they had to say. They provided a free, honest evaluation of my situation and told me upfront what work had to be done and what the total fee would be. There were no hidden fees or hourly rates thank God! I am very pleased that I hired Federal Tax Professionals to represent me with my audit. They ensured my rights were protected and that I was not taken advantage of. Kudos!
Karen M – Orlando , FL
Dealing face to face with the IRS was frightening. I thought I could handle an audit on my own my but when an IRS agent consistently pounds you for tax documents, bank statements, even doctor records and copies of my own kids birth certificates, I knew I should get help. I found Federal Tax Professionals and read some great reviews. I hired them for a one time flat fee and they handled everything for me and I only had to meet the agent at the close of the audit to sign off on it which I was happy to do since I was professionally represented. Federal Tax Professionals saved me time, money, but most importantly, unnecessary grief and anxiety that the IRS was causing me. Thank you Mr. Galante!
Stephen T. – Las Vegas , NV
On March 17th I got a notice from the IRS Notice to levy and seize assets for unpaid taxes. I immediately got off my butt and contacted local CPA’s to help me. Everyone said they were too busy until after tax season to help. That night I got on-line and sent emails to many of the companies that advertised with Google. I got an automatic response from Federal Tax Professionals and it showed how everyone else was bad and I should call them.

I have been in sales for 30 years and have never talked bad about a competitor or his product and found this very distasteful. I vowed never to call Federal Tax Professionals. I took the next day off and contacted everyone but Federal Tax Professionals!!! The first four companies I called were completely useless the sales people on the phone knew nothing about taxes and keep pushing pennies on the dollar. I am not stupid and I know there is no such thing as a kind and gentle IRS. Nobody could answer my questions except for one company. I broke down and called Federal Tax Professionals I told them the letter that I had received and the person I talked with went over the letter with me. He explained exactly what it was.

I was still not completely comfortable and asked why they posted the Don’t Get Ripped Off information. He had me open the email again and explained that the list was less than two years old and two of the companies on the list had been shut down by the government. Two companies that advertised on TV all the time had been and were being sued by multiple States Attorney Generals and many others had fallen from A ratings to D and F in 12 months.

I now understood what they were trying to do. I went over my situation and the quickly realized that the person I was speaking to knew what he was talking about. You could tell that he wasn’t just selling off of a telemarketers script (everyone knows what I mean). I was impressed and went with Federal Tax Professionals. They solved my problem quickly and professionally with spectacular results. The refund checks arrived today and I am going to use it to pay off my house. ($26,000)

Johnny D. Kansas.
I called multiple on line companies, some tried to scare me and others outright lied to me. I talked with you staff and immediately realized it wasn’t a sales person that I was talking to but someone who knew what he was talking about. You did not lie and in the end your fee was about half of what everyone else was quoting. I never regretted using your company for the beginning. I know I owed and was very happy with the returns and the payment plan you set up for me. Thank you for your professionalism.
Kirby, Seattle Washington.
I called multiple on line companies, some tried to scare me and others outright lied to me. I talked with you staff and immediately realized it wasn’t a sales person that I was talking to but someone who knew what he was talking about. You did not lie and in the end your fee was about half of what everyone else was quoting. I never regretted using your company for the beginning. I know I owed and was very happy with the returns and the payment plan you set up for me. Thank you for your professionalism.

Kirby, Seattle Washington.

Running your own business is difficult enough and when it comes to taxes and accounting, I get lost very quickly. When my business was open, I had a tax bill of nearly $80,000 from payroll taxes. I had to close the company because business was non existent and I could not afford to stay open. Eventually, the IRS assessed that tax bill to me personally. I have been trying to find work since I closed my business down last year but have been unsuccessful. Meanwhile, an IRS revenue officer has been hounding me to full pay (which is impossible) and I didn’t know what to do so I called Federal Tax Professionals after reading their entire website. Once they completed their financials analysis on me, they discussed all options that I qualified for. We proposed a Non Collectible status and after negotiations back and forth, Federal Tax Professionals got the proposal accepted and the nasty IRS agent off my back. I can’t explain in words how grateful I am for a company like Federal Tax Professionals who was honest and helpful every step of the way.

Marylyn S. – Indianapolis , IN
I have been scammed in the past and when I started researching tax firms to help resolve my IRS problems, I found that Federal Tax Professionals was the only transparent company who actually encouraged people to do their homework and research the firms that they are interested in hiring. So after the free consultation with Federal Tax Professionals, that’s what I did. A few days later, after reading their website and doing my homework, Federal Tax Professionals earned my business hands down. They kept their word and handled my case from start to finish all for the same fee they quoted me upfront. No hidden charges or hourly rates. Setting aside some time to research a firm, in any industry, that you plan on doing business with will surely pay off in the long run. Do your homework!
Sean P. – Pensacola , FL
I just want to take a minute and thank you guys for your help! I didn’t know what to do after my mailbox was stuffed full of mail telling me about a tax lien. Everyone I spoke with said they could get the lien removed and they could lower my debt. I almost went with one of the companies I spoke with. I went online and read your company’s web site and called Federal Tax Professionals. I am happy I did!!! Unlike everyone else I spoke to your guy listened to my problem and could actual talk about specifics. The other companies I spoke with only talked in generalities, that is except that they could get the lien removed and the debt lowered.

You did my returns and even though I owed got me into a reasonable payment plan. Thanks for your help and I will recommend you to everyone I know.

Thanks again.

Not filing back tax returns is a problem I was stuck in for years. I soon found out that I was not alone and that Federal Tax Professionals helped many others in a similar situation as mine (or even worse). In just a few days, Federal Tax Professionals prepared 6 years of tax returns for me and my husband. Once they were filed, Federal Tax Professionals even helped us address the tax bill and got us the lowest payment plan possible. I have been dreading this work for years and had no idea that Federal Tax Professionals could make this entire process so smooth and effortless, not to mention quick too. Thank you Federal Tax Professionals for all your help!
Lisa R. - Pittsburgh , PA
I have been caught in the trap of filing my taxes on time each year but never having the money to pay the tax bill in full. Over the last 4 years, I have accumulated a tax debt of about 47,000 plus I haven’t filed my 2010 tax return yet and will surely owe that year too. After retaining Federal Tax Professionals as my Power of Attorney in front of the IRS, they not only prepared my 2010 tax return in less than 3 days, but they then did a financial analysis and developed a strategy on how to address this burdensome tax bill. They even guided me with 2011 estimated tax payments so that I would not be in the same boat this time next year. I cant thank Mr. Galante enough for sharing his knowledge with me. Thanks again!
Richard F. – Tampa , FL
I owe the IRS about $65,000 from the last 5 years of tax returns, which I filed timely so you know. I am a small business owner and know that I owe these taxes but just don’t know my options and rights as a taxpayer as this is nowhere near my area of expertise. Even more so, I simply don’t have the time needed to put into resolving all my issues as I am just too busy and bogged down running my business. After researching online, I decided to go with Federal Tax Professionals as they were the most informative and honest compared to the other 4 companies I spoke with. After negotiating with the IRS on my behalf, Federal Tax Professionals established a reasonable agreement with the IRS and I never had to speak to any IRS agent or wait on hold for hours. Federal Tax Professionals managed the entire process seamlessly. Call Federal Tax Professionals!
Samantha R. – Narragansett, RI
I had a tax problem and was unsure of who would be the best suitor for my case. I researched tax attorneys, CPAs, and then Enrolled Agents (which was a new term to me that I found out about after doing research). So now I was a bit more confused and had no idea how to choose. After speaking to several firms and hearing their sales pitch, I had the privilege to speak to a Federal Tax Professionals representative who gave me an honest, fair assessment and explained how my case would be resolved. Even better, I was informed that Federal Tax Professionals had all the different types of professionals I was concerned about. So no matter what the circumstances were, Federal Tax Professionals would be ready to resolve all my issues. Federal Tax Professionals was ready and the took care of my IRS problems from start to finish. Consultation was free too!
Steven P. – Santa Monica , CA
I just wanted to send my thanks for a job well done. I owed the IRS $140,000 since 2004. Also I did not file my tax returns since then. I was laid off from my job and moved to a different state and did not hear from the IRS until one day I went into work and was informed by my employer that the IRS was going to start garnishing my pay. After doing my research I decided to hire Federal Tax Professionals. They explained that before they could do anything about the garnishment I would have to get all my tax returns filed. Federal Tax Professionals got all my returns prepared for my signature in just 3 days after I sent them my tax questionnaire. With the financial information I provided Federal Tax Professionals they were able to negotiate a monthly installment payment plan of $250 per month and got the IRS to release the garnishment the next day. The 10 year statute of limitation runs out on the IRS being able to collect in the year 2015. This means that I only have to pay about $12,000 in monthly payments and then I will not have to make any more payments. I think this is called a Partial Payment Installment Agreement. Not only did Federal Tax Professionals get my garnishment released in a few days they also saved me about $128,000 by negotiating the payment plan. Your staff was courteous and professional and did a super job. Thank you.
Joe B Oklahoma City, OK
Before we start let me say I am very well educated and run a very successful business. I know I paid my payroll taxes and I know I was correct and I didn’t owe them anything. I knew the IRS AGENT was out to get me and I was being abused by the IRS. I had worked on this myself and was pulling my hair out. Finally I had enough and went online. I called Federal Tax Professionals and just vented about the injustice of the IRS and went on for ten minutes before the resolution expert made me stop and told me to take a deep breath and slow down. After I relaxed the representative explained what was really going on. He explained the process and sent me a detailed list on how they would help me. I hired them and within 48 hours we had a telephone conference call with the Agent assigned to the case.

After 20 minutes on the phone with JEFF GALANTE and the AGENT I realized the agent wasn’t out to get me after all. The agent even said he was being tough with me because he thought I was dodging him and never sending him the information he needed. With Jeff as the referee we both discovered it was just a miss communication between myself and the agent. JEFF GALANTE was able to interpret the IRS language to me and told me exactly what I needed to get to the agent to resolve the issue. In the end the IRS was correct but the number was completely over stated. From start to finish we had everything solved in 30 days.

Don’t do this yourself it was well worth the money and I could have saved myself and ulcer and high blood pressure.

Franklin, NY NY
Thanks you guys rock I never thought you could get the tax returns done so quickly. I started Monday had returns Wednesday. I can’t believe 6 years of returns in 3 days. Thank you guys again.
Terry, Spokane WA
I just wanted to take the time to thank you guys again. You guys were great from my first call to the resolution. Just like you said I got the payment plan notice from the IRS today and was exactly what we talked about.. Everything went exactly as you said it would and now I can relax.
Tim, Baltimore MD.
I just called my payroll and they said that they have received the fax notice of release of the garnishment 10 minutes ago. Thank you guys my family could not have handled another lost paycheck. And most important I want to thank you guys for being honest with me about the situation. I did not need the pie in the sky promises just the facts and you guys gave them to me. I know I owed but never realized the payment plan would be based on my income. The payment plan is very reasonable and I promise I will do my tax returns from now on and stop listening to people who don’t know what they are talking about.
Kenneth, Athen GA
The tax return notices came in the mail today just like you told me they would. They have finally finished processing the returns and I have the final debt. I want to thank everyone who helped me with this at Federal Tax Professionals I had the records to do the returns but was just paralyzed because I didn’t know where to even start. After my first conversation with your tax guys I knew I would be okay. I didn’t know what I was doing and I completely over complicated the process in my head before we started. Federal Tax Professionals walked me through the process of getting my records together and spoke to me in terms that I could understand. I tried doing this with a CPA a couple years ago but he spoke over my head and I was more lost after I spoke with him then before I started. We can file the documents for the payment plan and finish this once and for all. Thank you again for helping me get the payment plan stuff together. I am confident that the final process (payment plan) will go as smoothly as the tax returns did!!.

Thank you guys again and you are correct I am sleeping better now.

Kevin, TX
Just got the audit report in the mail today. As you advised I will sign it and send the check. Thanks to all your audit staff for your help with this. From the beginning I knew you guys were on my side and would actually listen to what I had to say. To anyone who reads this hire these guys they know what they are doing!!! I am a master cabinet maker and not an accountant so the tax stuff and accounting were a foreign language to me. You guys speak in terms that even I could understand!!! Once you told me what the IRS was really looking for and told me what I needed to get you in plan terms the process went as smooth as silk.

Use these guys.

Eugene, Tempe AZ


I called many companies online and picked one I thought I would use. (Roni Deutch) I borrowed money from my dad and called them to start. I was amazed that in a matter of 2 weeks they were closed. I was happy I had to barrow money or I would have been out of luck. I researched online again and found Federal Tax Professionals. They took care of my problem in 2 weeks and the fee was half of what Roni was going to charge me. People be careful check out the company you are looking out there!!!!!
Lucky I was late.
Denver CO
Thanks guys for the information you supplied on your website. I contacted a couple firms and chose one I though was reputable!!! I couldn’t find their phone number to call and make payment so I went online to find the number. By accident I saw your website I read the don’t get ripped off page and though I didn’t call you it gave me some questions to ask the company I was going to hire. They could not answer any of the questions put to them. They could not tell me who would be working on my case. (they finally admitted they farmed the work out) I ask how they checked out the Enrolled agents, Lawyers and CPA’s they used and they couldn’t tell me. The guys selling the service was finally honest with me and told me they were just a clearing house and he would probably never talk to me again. I started to ask specific tax questions and they couldn’t answer the most basic questions. I decided not to use them and called Federal Tax Professionals.
I spoke with a very knowledgeable person who plainly told me I should do this myself and even told me how to do it. He explained that the Pennies on the Dollar was a lie and with my income the best I could do is set up the payment plan myself. I called the IRS did what he said and was finished in one hour. I called him back and asked him how they could run a company when they gave away the information for free. The rep I spoke to said there were plenty of people who really needed their service and would pay the fair fee and they didn’t need to steal from people who could do it themselves.
This is a reputable company and I will definitely recommend them to anyone who needs help with the IRS. (The other company wanted to charge me $2200).
Tina, Mobile
I got a letter from the IRS Notice of Intent to Levy and this is were I stood. The IRS had filed returns for me because I didn’t file them myself. They call these substitutes for Returns. I called a couple companies and Federal Tax Professionals was the company I decided to use. They contacted the IRS and got me 30 days to submit the returns and a stop to collections. I did not know why I would owe so much I don’t usually owe them anything and get money back most years (they kept my 2009 and 2010 refunds.) After Federal Tax Professionals had my payment they had the answer for me in 2 hours. That’s right folks they found the problem in 2 hours from the time I paid them . Two days later I had tax returns ready for signature on 2006 and 2007. I only really owed $3000 for 2006 and was getting a refund of $1600 for 2007. They called the IRS and showed them the returns and the collections agent said he would stop all collections until the returns process. Federal Tax Professionals told me that it could take 20 weeks to process the returns. They were incorrect the IRS Processed the return is 10 weeks.

Here is the final results. The 2006 return was changed to $3000 with penalties and interest the amount was now $4500. The IRS kept my refund for 2007 and placed it against the 2006 debt so it was corrected to $2900. The IRS then reallocated the refund for 2009 $2600 to the open debt I now owed $300 for 2006. They also reallocated the refund for 2010 $8000 against the 2006 and sent me a check for $7700.

I am an engineer so let me show you the time line.

Saturday March 12 Picked up letter from the IRS Notice of Intent to Levy

Monday March 14 Hired Federal Tax Professionals, found out what the problem was and had a 30 day hold on collections.

Wednesday March 16 Had returns ready to sign and Federal Tax Professionals had a hold until returns processed.

May 20th Refund received from IRS.

When I got the refund check I thought there was a mistake and called to ask if I should cash it. Federal Tax Professionals said go head you are totally clear and to spend it on something good. I asked if everyone had the same results and the guy at Federal Tax Professionals said that my case was not the norm and most people usually owe something but in my case all I had to do is the returns. USE THESE GUYS IF YOU HAVE A PROBLEM YOU WILL NOT BE SORRY>

Glenn, Iowa.

Federal Tax Professionals will address the IRS tax problems for our clients by negotiating with the IRS for the best possible solution, which may be one of the following:

An Offer in Compromise, an affordable payment plan, or to have our client declared as Currently Not Collectible with the IRS. Each one of our clients have different and complex tax problems. We treat each client as an individual, so there is no one solution for every client. We will find an affordable and permanent solution to your IRS problem.

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The testimonials displayed are given verbatim except for correction of grammatical or typing errors. Some have been shortened where the testimonial was lengthy or portions were repetitive. Unless we have noted otherwise, the names of the customers have been changed  or abbreviated to protect their privacy.

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