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We can get your IRS Wage Garnishment Released!

At Federal Tax Professionals, 91% of our wage garnishment customers have their garnishments lifted in 3 to 4 business days and 99.9% have their garnishments lifted within 8 business days.  We don’t send mail to resolve your problem. We pick up the phone and handle it immediately with the IRS

With our years of experience, we understands how the IRS works and we know how to get immediate results.

Think of us as the Emergency Room doctors who treat casualties of the IRS.

Some of Our Success Stories…

Lisa from Florida contacted us after an IRS prepared 2016 tax return stated she owed $86,000. Unable to pay the tax debt, the IRS imposed a wage levy on, Lisa’s salary leaving her nothing to live on. Fortunately, Lisa contacted us on a Friday, November 7, around 10:30 am asking for our help. Immediately, our tax experts sprung into action:

  • We immediately secured all of Lisa’s information from the IRS so that we could analyze it then formulate the best plan of action.
  • On Monday, November 10 by 3 pm we had prepared and filed a corrected 2016 tax return reducing the IRS’ tax liability from $86,000 to $0.00.
  • That same day by 4pm we secured a wage garnishment release thereby providing Lisa with her full salary!
  • Case closed in 3 ½ days that included a weekend! Lisa was thrilled with our speedy results.

Richard contacted us on December 15 around noon stating that the IRS had a wage garnishment in effect.

Our swift course of action began:

  • We immediately had our Emergency Relief Team (ERT) contact the IRS and found out Richard needed to file his 2015, 2016 and 2017 tax returns.
  • As Richard did not have the records necessary to file those taxes, the ERT ordered his income information from the IRS and had Richard fill out a questionnaire in order to complete his returns.
  • Next day, December 16, 9:30 am Richard returned his paperwork and we prepared his 2015, 2016, and 2017 returns then emailed to him for signing.
  • December 17, 9:40 am we received his signed tax returns. The ERT contacted the IRS to file his taxes, negotiate a payment plan and an immediate release of the wage levy.
  • December 18, 11:20 am, we received a copy of the wage garnishment release.

Case closed within 3 days!


No 3 letters strike more fear into the hearts of taxpayers than that of the IRS. Any piece of mail with their return address is guaranteed to get your heart pumping.  Open the mail and find out your wages are being garnished and your blood pressure is sure to skyrocket.

And like high blood pressure, IRS levies are easily controlled and fixable in 3 to 4 business days if done properly. And just as you hire a good tailor to fix your clothes or consult a doctor for medical issues, the Federal Tax Professionals are who you need when faced with garnishments.

Just as the schoolyard bully threatened to take home your ball if you didn’t play by his rules, the IRS is similarly menacing.  Now, you have to realize that levies are the most lethal weapon available to the IRS even if it is a last resort. And yet, garnishments or levies can be released in numerous ways.

And that is our area of expertise.

The first step in rectifying a garnishment is to insure the taxpayer is in compliance with the IRS. Simply stated, this means that all outstanding tax returns have been filed. To determine if you are in compliance you need to contact the IRS upon receipt of a garnishment or levy.


But you need to be very cautious when contacting the IRS as they will ask questions regarding bank accounts, other income and assets you may own. This is their way of gathering more information in an effort to begin to levy, garnish or seize your assets.

That is why you need the professionals at the Federal Tax Professionals to contact the IRS. We know their tricks and are not obligated to release your personal information. Our goal is to simply establish compliance with the IRS.

Read on to find how we negotiate a wage garnishment release.

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