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Optimizing Your IRS Tax Issue

Buyer Beware – Read Below

Most of the “Tax Firms” DO NOT actually employ Tax Attorneys within their firm. The sad fact is THEY LIE! This is why on their websites they DO NOT list a single licensed individual by name!  Many of these firms are simply marketing companies with high-pressure salespeople.

Federal Tax Professionals has qualified personnel (read more). Our “Dream Team” has Inside Knowledge of the IRS.

Don’t Become a Victim!
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We at Federal Tax Professionals will always be honest. Clients are treated as family. Not all tax firms are ethical; we care!

Top 5 MISLEADING CLAIMS Most Tax Firms guarantee their clients over the phone; But when you read their contract, it is completely different than what they tell clients verbally.

  1. They will have your penalties waived!
  2. Stop IRS Wage Garnishments, Bank Levies etc. actions immediately!
  3. Minimal down payment or small monthly payments and everything will be done for you immediately!
  4. They are rated by the Better Business Bureau!
  5. Have highly experienced professionals working for them!

Click here to learn why these are lies

Federal Tax Professionals will never verbally tell you anything that is different from what’s in the contract! 

Most of the “Tax Attorney Firms” will do the following:
  1. Contract out their clients to unknown or unqualified licensed tax persons because their firms have no licensed individuals.
  2. Take in large retainers and do nothing for the American Taxpayer.
  3. If they have a licensed individual they have little to no IRS experience.
  4. Advertise an A rating with the BBB but have only been in business for a short period of time. Or they advertise they are rated with the BBB and they are not rated at all.
  5. Have hundreds of complaints or have been sued.

Federal Tax Professionals’s founders demand 100% customer satisfaction.


The easiest way to determine if the firm you are choosing is trustworthy is to simply look them up through The following links which will help you research the reputation of any company.

1) Better Business Bureau – www.bbb.org/
2) Rip Off Report – http://www.ripoffreport.com/
3) Complaints.com – www.complaintsboard.com

Among several services, we offer:
Installment Agreement – A monthly payment plan set up to pay back the taxpayer’s tax liability. The IRS has guidelines as to what amount they will accept and the time frame they will accept it in. A financial profile is required from the taxpayer before the tax resolution firm can negotiate an installment agreement.
Offer in Compromise / Tax Relief – An offer to the IRS to lower the total tax liability owed by the taxpayer due to financial constraints. This is a very popular solution advertised by most firms, but not always effective. More below.
Currently Not Collectible – When the taxpayer cannot afford to pay the IRS monies due to a lack of assets and low income or no income (recently laid off due to current economy) then the IRS will deem the taxpayer Currently Not Collectible and agree that their tax liability will be waive for the time being.
Penalty Abatement – The IRS assesses penalties and interest on tax liabilities so over time taxes due years ago can increase from hundreds to thousands of dollars. The IRS will sometimes lower or eliminate these fees with a well worded request.
Bank Levies/Wage Garnishment Release – The IRS will collect their monies due by any means necessary. They may take all your assets with a levy or garnish up to 70% or your wages. A tax resolution firm can negotiate with the IRS to have these released in as little as 4 business days.
Audit Representation – If you are currently being audited and you don’t know why, it is very important to be represented by tax professionals who can get to the bottom of the problems and fix them. We can even have your past audit reopened if you feel you did not get a fair shake.
Federal Tax Professionals can prepare your past unfiled tax returns by requesting your IRS wage transcripts and asking you to complete a simple questionnaire.
Before the IRS will accept any negotiations to solve your tax liability you will need to be “in compliance” (all returns are filed) without any unfiled tax returns. Any unfiled returns up to ten years ago may be required to be prepared and filed with the IRS.
Caution! Do not be fooled! Many people do not qualify. The Offer in Compromise (OIC) process is long and difficult, and the Internal Revenue Service rejects the great majority of the offers it receives.
Simply put, if there are enough assets and income available to the taxpayer, he or she does not qualify for an OIC. But unscrupulous tax resolution firms will not disclose this information to the taxpayer. They will take the taxpayer’s money, fill out an application and send it in to the IRS, regardless of whether the taxpayer has a legitimate chance of success. The tax firm will consider the “job” completed with the submission of the OIC and hold no further obligation to the customer. A tax attorney firm with your best interest in mind will let you know upfront that there are several options available to you, including the OIC, but also solutions where you fit in, especially after a comprehensive financial profile. With vast insider IRS experience, Federal Tax Professionals will let you know upfront whether you do or do not qualify for an OIC and what your other options may be.
The IRS is the world’s largest collection agency. They will ask you for information on your employment, bank accounts, properties owned, automobiles and any other assets you may have for the purpose of knowing what they can seize, levy, or garnish. They will note down all conversations with you for future use by other agents. The IRS can seize just about any assets needed to pay unpaid taxes. One of the main reasons to hire Federal Tax Professionals is for the experience we have in dealing with the IRS. When you hire Federal Tax Professionals we will take care of all communications with the IRS so you do not have to deal with the harassing phone calls and upsetting letters. The professionals at Federal Tax Professionals know how the IRS thinks and what they are looking for and therefore any negotiations with the IRS will be done from a place of power and not fear.
If you have been assessed taxes due while you were single or married to another person, your new spouse does not share in your tax liability. But the IRS may still request your new spouse’s financial information because they need to know what your household can afford to pay the IRS. But the truth is that only the taxpayer who filed those tax years is liable for them. Federal Tax Professionals will make sure that your spouse is not involved in your tax solution and that the IRS will only deal with what you can afford to pay.
When a levy is issued, the government actually takes money out of your bank account or collects money owed to you or your business. They will keep sending a notice to your financial institution to wipe out your account periodically. Federal Tax Professionals works towards removing the bank levy within 4 business days.
In most cases Federal Tax Professionals can release wage garnishments within 4 business days or stop them temporarily and give you the time you need to get in compliance with the IRS. Read more about these success stories.
In most cases property seizures are all but non-existent due to the IRS Restructuring and Reform Act of 1998, but the IRS will still threaten to take your home, cars and retirement accounts in order to scare you into complying with their demands. Representation from Federal Tax Professionals protects you from these threatening tactics.
Debtor’s prisons were eliminated long ago. Nowadays, people usually only go to jail for tax evasion, or the wilful exercise of not paying taxes on money earned.
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